The Cornwalls - Cornwall, West Cornwall, Cornwall Bridge, CT

Population: 1,434
Area: 46.3 sq. mi.
Cornwall Consolidated School: (K-8)
High School: Housatonic Valley Regional High School

Cornwall is the most rural town in the Northwest Corner. It's comprised of three distinct villages, each with its own post-office: Cornwall, West Cornwall, and Cornwall Bridge. Overall, it is a town known for welcoming writers, artists and an eclectic population.

Cornwall, with its lovely green surrounded by Colonial houses and the graceful Congregational Church, is the site of Town Hall and the Cornwall Free Library, which holds year round book discussions and lectures, often featuring writers of local origin. Cornwall is the site of the town's annual Memorial Day Parade, followed by the church fair, which brings out the whole town. The enormous annual tag sale here brings in eager shoppers from miles around. The annual Rose Algrant Art Show and Art at the Dump are annual testimonies to the town's creativity and humor. Activity of a more physical sort takes place at Mohawk Mountain ski area and Mohawk Mountain State Forest, both just outside of the village.

West Cornwall, on the banks of the Housatonic River, is most famous for its Covered Bridge, probably the most photographed and painted site in Litchfield County. It is also the site of the annual Covered Bridge dance, which brings the town out to enjoy music and street dancing.The village has a clutch of Colonial and Victorian houses, as well as a small commercial center, which includes gift shops, two restaurants, the justly famous Ian Ingersoll Cabinetmakers and Barbara Farnsworth's rare and used book and print shop, seemingly a village fixture. Just out of the village is the Cornwall Consolidated School, where students routinely test at top levels in state exams. Not far out of town is Clarke Outdoors, where kayakers, canoeists and rafters get outfitted for river adventures and lessons.

Cornwall Bridge is a cluster of houses also on the river; its commercial center, at the juncture of Routes 7 and 4, offers all the necessities: a gas station, grocery, rug shop, appliance store, wine shop, florist, bank and hardware store. Cornwall Bridge is home to the graceful Cornwall Inn, which includes a dining room, as well as the Hitching Post Country Motel.

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