Twin Lakes

Located in beautiful Salisbury, Connecticut just five miles from the Connecticut/Massachusetts Border and two hours from New York, Lake Washinee and Lake Washining are known as the Twin Lakes. The lakes are twins not because of their size or shape but because of a Machain Chief who named them after his two daughters.

Both lakes have excellent water quality. The lakes’ surroundings, which include large wetlands and wooded shoreline provide exceptional habitats for a variety of wildlife. Both lakes are year-round recreation resources in the area supporting a variety of activities from paddle boarding and swimming to cross-country skiing. The Twin Lakes are among Connecticut’s best fisheries, supporting both coldwater and warm-water fish. Over the past several decades there has been an increase in residential development around the shorelines of both lakes.

Lake Washinee, which means Smiling Water, is the longer of the two lakes at 1.6 miles long and slightly under a quarter mile in width and is referred to as West Twin. Lake Washinee is the more peaceful of the two Twins and features homes that tend to include more land than homes on Lake Washining.

Lake Washining, which means Laughing Water, is the rounder, larger of the twin lakes and is known as East Twin. Lake Washining is just under 1 mile long with a width of 1.3 miles. Much of Lake Washining’s shoreline is wetlands but you will find a variety of homes on the shoreline as well. Lake Washining is home to the Stone Tower, which was built in the early 1900s as part of Camp Isola Bella which was built on the island in Lake Washining. Lake Washining is the more active of the twins with a variety of homes on its shoreline and a marina.

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